2021 Year-In-Review

A review and reflection on 2021, a year of learning, growth, change and new experiences — & an update on my personal journey.

Spring: April — June

TKS Moonshot Challenge

A Mindset Note


The body keeps it’s score.

Summer: July — September

Research Work — Synthetic Biology x Pharmacogenomics x Neurobiology

Marketing Internship at Univie Health

More interesting experiences!

  • Consulting for the Toronto based Biomedical AI company in the drug discovery space, BenchSci with with Simran Mayra, Manroop Kalsi, and Richa Pandya! Our proposed recommendation increases the speed of clinical trials with AI-assisted design & partly sightless feasibility studies.
  • Went on a family trip to Muskoka — Journaling thousands of feet above sea level persists as one of my favourite experiences.
  • With Ontario entering step 3 of the reopening plan, I was incredibly fortunate to have a sweet 16 with family & friends. Thank you again to my parents for crafting the preciousist of days and for everything you do.

Fall & Winter: October — December

Effective Altruism

Clearing the Backlog

My Year in Pictures

2022 Focus Areas & Objectives


AI + Biocomputing > Technical Skill Development

  • Proposal for griffonia simplicifolia derived 5-HTP as an alternative to SSRI’s for mental health disorders & exploring self-induced serotonin supply deficiencies
  • Review Paper on Designing Computational Circuits in Living Cells & Discussing Cello — Pioneer platform automating design of DNA circuits

Time Optimization

  • Enter deep work and flow states regularly
  • Sustain energy levels and high-level consciousness
  • Abide by my non-negotiables and fulfill my health responsibilities

Engineering Valuable Experiences

Connect with me!




A 15-year-old on the path of working towards leveraging biotechnology to impact billions and create sustainable innovation.

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Heya Desai

Heya Desai

A 15-year-old on the path of working towards leveraging biotechnology to impact billions and create sustainable innovation.

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